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SP Trigun has MOVED!

And is now hosted on a real server. Yay, no more popups!


A gunslinger so dangerous, a $$60,000,000,000 reward has been placed on his head! Vash, also known as the Humanoid Typhoon, has been credited with the destruction of several towns, but miraculously, there is no record of him ever taking a life. However, only two things ever happen to those who catch up to Vash. They either crawl away wounded (mostly from self inflected damage), or they stagger away in disbelief that such a dork could possibly be the man they are looking for.

Welcome to Spastic Trigun. Hopefully we'll do more sites like this one for other animes pretty soon! Check out the main spastic site, Spastic Anime

April 17, 2004
I've really been meaning to update the site... and put it on my paid hosting.... and a bunch of other stuff... but for some reason I just now got around to it. I don't know if I'll be updating anything, but heck, at least there's no bandwidth limit or popup windows.

It's also come to my attention that there are more than a few Trigun sites out there, including Vash the (Half-Life) Level Designer's site and a related forum.

Enjoy, and if you want to complain hit up the forum, Trigun section and leave your rant.

Also, one more thing. The site is now hosted on my paid hosting so...



-Twofer (Teh g4m3R f0Rmal1y kn0wn A5 Nukecow)

Oct 22, 2k1 - Status and stuff
It's been a while since I even looked at the weapons page, and more people keep finding faults with it. Instead of just fixing it again, I'm planning on reworking the whole page, possibly even the whole site.

Anyone who would like to contribute any content, please email me and we will figure something out.

Also, no word from leya about the RM's, and Ryukumon has some other stuff to take care of first, so nothing yet.

Sept 14, 2k1 - Status Report
Just got word from leya who is interested in hosting the Trigun RM Clips for me, so there's a chance all 5 clips may be back up soon. Also a guy named Ryukumon is looking into writing up some more indepth stuff for the weapons page. Should be very cool.

Aug 6, 2k1 - 1 Year Anniversary
Woohoo! It's been one year since I started the Sp-Trigun project and the site is still up and still getting visits. Thanks to all of you that have dropped by and enjoyed the site.

July 1, 2k1 - Link Buttons
You wanted them, now you've got them! Link buttons! Feel free to gank these if you'd like to link to my site. If not, then you can just look at them and bask in their glory.

June 29, 2k1 - Series Info and SP-Anime
First off, I reworked the Series Info page so that it now contains content! Second, I'm sad to inform you all that fortunecity killed my Trigun RM movies. I may put one up somewhere, untill then, I'll just have a temp page up. Third, I reworked the header code a bit for the site, now the weapons page and a few others wont look funny in Internet Exploder, and it should fit a little better for 800x600 users along with a few other graphical changes. In other news my buddy who runs Spastic Anime got his own paid hosting and domain name. Check out and drop him a line. Speaking of SP-Anime, it looks like I'm going to start working on SP-Bebop now. I just got 300mb of JPG screen caps off of En Fuego so I should have plenty of art to make it happen. Now, the $10 question. Will I ever make it though a post without pluging a site? Only time will tell =)

May 14, 2k1 - Corrections
Shocking, just as i said, 5 months later another update. "A loyal Trigun fan" informed me that Wolfwood's cross is actually called the Punisher and that Milly carries exactly 50 of her derringer pistols. The corrections have been made, thanks Nathan! As for other updates... well nothing much. I'm still here, and workin on sites. For any of you RUNE fans out there i've done the site for the Tweaked Runes mod. Also, myself and NDW have been working on SP-Anime once again. Now with new format and movies. So yeah. =)

Jan 28, 2k1 - Update
Thanks to all of you that sent in email, and if you have any questions or comments let me know. Well, few updates, fixed a few typos. That's about it.

Jan 5, 2k1 - Blue funk
Well geocities wasn't very happy with me hosting the Bluefunk realmedia off their page, so i guess that's gone. Oh well, on the bright side there's less load time =) Also i forgot to mention in the last post that i'd like to thank all the people that linked to me. Even though i dont stand to make any money off this site, it does make me happy to know that people like to steal my stuff. Drop me a mail if you like the site and have time to just say hi.

Jan 3, 2k1 - Charcters, Hits, Links, and Some updates
Well, it's been 4 , 5 months since the last update, but hey, who's counting =) And everything is done. Allright, a little info for all the loyal one time viewers that use my site as reference: Ms. Blockhead sent me the charcter profiles and i messed up (reinstalled windows) and lost them. I'm extremely sorry about that, and i apoligize to all the viewers and Ms. Blockhead. In it's place i wrote my own charcter profiles that arent very in-depth. They purposly aren't spoilers, so if there are any of you that haven't seen TRIGUN, you need not worry. Series info is up, but it's lame. I basically covered everything i wanted to cover in the other pages. I also wanted to post a pic here of my cute kitty named after Milly from trigun. [Milly the cat] We would have named her Kuroneko but i really dont know how to pronounce it, besides Milly's easy enough. I made a few corrections throught the old pages thanks to those who emailed me. Yeah, in another 5 months, i'll do another update. Untill then,

Aug 29, 2k - Movies and image gallery
Woo hoo, DONMEGA cranked out some realmedia movies and Fuego worked his magic to create the image gallery. Thanks guys! Also, if you notice, some of the images in the gallery are really long, or taller then the rest, this is because they were scrolling shots pieced together by Fuego, so you get to see the whole thing. The movies are up on fortune city, please dont direct link to them or they will get deleted (as far as i know) Oh yeah, hope you all enjoy the new song.

Aug 25, 2k - Wallpapers
Well the wallpapers are up. I made the first 4, NDW made the last 6. And my HL color logo pack is there too, for all of you halflife players. Also update on the movies, DONMEGA cranked out a few RM's but they had some audio problems. But we should have the movies up real soon!

Aug 21, 2k - Weapons page
Weapons page is up, enjoy. Please ignore any typos and mis-spellings. =) Also, update on the slackers: NDW has a few wallpapers in the works, DONMEGA is getting some RM's encoded, Ms. Blockhead is working on the character profiles (has them sketched out) and Fuego is a lazy bum, and just works on Chavez Pong (c) all day. Hope to have everything up sooner or later.

Aug 16, 2k - Status
Well Fuego's almost done with the image gallery, just need to borrow NDW's trigun DVD to get some more screencaps. I belive Ms. Blockhead has been working on the character profiles. Lets see, ganked some stuff off of Donmega's trigun site (all one page of it)