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SP Trigun has MOVED!

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Vash the Stampede is the wanted main character with the 60 billion double dollar price tag on his head. The misc characters in trigun say that "He can get out of the worst situations without a scratch on him." And is true in most situations. Vash describes his occupation as "Love hunter" and this his mission is to "Chase the Mayfly known as love" Vash is 27 years old (on his app, unknown if true), single, and in good health. Being a skilled marksman with his AGL Arms .45 Long Colt he pulls off many "impossible" shots in the series. Vash also uses other weapons like a child's toy gun and his knife. He sometimes engages in hand to hand combat, especially when it's too dangerous to shoot. (or if he just needs to knock someone out) Vash is a good guy at heart but i'd say he's REALLY unlucky (and kinda lucky at the same time)

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is a traveling preacher with an uncertain past. Vash spots him in the desert on the way to May city along with Milly and Mery. They detour to pick him up and basically save his life. Vash and Wolfwood are great friends almost immediately after they met, sitting in the bus and laughing it up. Wolfwood is big on drinking and some what of a con artist (either for himself or for his church) He's also an execlent marksman with a pistol and with heavier weapons. Not as good as Vash, but no one is.

Meryl Strife is works for the Bernadelli Insurance Society and is assigned to maintain a 24-hour watch on Vash the Stampede. It takes her and Milly a while to find Vash but when they finally do, they're suprised to say the least. She's short haired and even shorter tempered. Everytime Vash starts acting goofy she yells at him. Armed with 20-40 Deringer 2 shot .45 cal pistols under her cape, which earns her the nickname "Deringer Meryl." Like Wolfwood and Vash, she's a good shot, able to hit a moving 2x3 inch target at 10 ft, and a 1/2 inch cable at about the same distance.

Milly Thompsen is Meryl's partner working for the Bernadelli Insurance Society. She's quite tall, little shorter then Vash, but stands as a monster of a woman (scaring thugs when she drops her stungun =) Being quite strong she can whip her stungun around like it was a toy. Not the brightest, in fact quite air headed, she works as Meryl's assistant and traveling companion. She gets along well with Vash and Wolfwood, and is kind and compassionate towards hurt or needy people. Like the others, she's a pretty good shot with her stungun but doesn't use any other weapons (to my knowledge)

Kuroneko(-sama) is Japaneese for "Black Cat"as i understand it. Kuroneko makes random appearances in every episode, usually in a cut scene or in the background. When Yasuhiro Nightow was asked about the cat, he basically said he put it in because he felt like it. I personally think the cat is cool.

Here's a link to another site with better profiles than mine. I purposely try not to spoil the story with the charcter profiles (why they're short) and i generally stink at writing content. While i haven't read this page's profiles, they're about a page long. (because i dont want to spoil it for myself!)

SOUND LIFE: Charcter Profiles